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TimeCult Time Tracking Application  v.32

A simple yet powerful task management and time tracking application. Supports a hierarchy of projects and tasks, multiple taks timers, data export to a comma-separated file, detailed time log, dynamically computed summaries of used time per each

Titration: Project Tracking Application  v.1.3.3

Titration is a simple, multi-user, multi-project, project tracking software. Simplicistic in design, easy to use, setup and maintain. Uses any backend database that supports a JDBC driver or can run standalone. Java based and platform

Food and Exercise Tracking Application  v.1.0

This application is used to track food calories and physical activity calories based on a data base of meals and exercises. The database can be personalized based on your lifestyle and habits.

Link Management Assistant  v.1.21

Put your website promotion, marketing, & search engine positioning on autopilot with my all new Link Management Assistant. The "Link Management Assistant" totally automates your reciprocal link partner management, allowing you to focus entirely on

M6.Net Link Checker  v.1.00

The M6.Net Link Checker is an extremely easy to use, free link checker tool that allows you to check other sites for your link or text. A highly useful and essential tool for webmasters to make sure that your reciprocal link is still up on a site

HGC -- System Link Tunnel network  v.1.0

This System link tunnel application will provide free system link play over the internet for the Xbox and Xbox 360, including games with the new ping limiter implementation by Microsoft. We will provide more Information as beta Builds our release.

Xenu Link Sleuth  v.1.3.8

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) checks Web sites for broken links.

Vertabase Timer  v.0.9

Track time on projects and track time on clients with a sleek desktop widget - Windows & MAC. Generates detailed time usage report that exports to XML for use in other applications. The desktop clock and time tracking application you've waited for.

LinkMachine  v.1.25

The key to success for a website or online business is good search engine ranking. All of the major search engines use link popularity to determine how well a site will rank - so the more high quality, relevant links that lead to your site, the

R6 Bill Tracker  v.1.7

R6 Bill Tracker is a clean and simple bill tracking application. Bill Tracker allows you to enter your bills, track your bills, organize your bills and much

TimePanic FE  v.4.3

TimePanic FE is a free time tracking application for non-commercial purposes. It tracks your hours on a per project basis, distinguishes between billable and non-billable tasks, lets you enter comments, manages your absences, calculates overtime and

TrailBlazer  v.1.01

Web based repair tracking application for computer and console repair shops of any size. Multiple sites can be managed with complete invoicing, workflow, parts inventory etc. The system is highly configurable and can be tweaked to suit your business.

Affiliate ID Manager  v.1.0

An all-in-one ID and link management system for marketers. Save more than 10 different details, including the login name, password, login link, cloaked link, tracking link and payout info. Built-in with powerful search and organization capabilities.

Click Tracker module for ActualAnalyzer Lite/Pro/Gold/Server

Click Tracker ? the powerful link tracking module for monitoring and analysis of clicks statistics. It store full information about clicks on specified links of web site and provide full spectrum of necessary reports for marketing and advertising.

SharePoint Learning Kit  v.1.3.1

SharePoint Learning Kit 1.3.1 is a mighty efficacious SCORM 2004-conformant e-learning delivery and tracking application built as a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 solution.SharePoint Learning Kit was designed to be a SCORM 2004-conformant e-learning

StockVue 2000  v.4.2.31

The Award-winning Investment-tracking Application for the Next Millennium StockVue 2000, the latest and greatest in AlphaCONNECTs award-winning series, is now Y2K compliant, Windows 2000 ready and integrates with Microsoft Office 2000 applications.

InnoSlice  v.1.8

InnoSlice is essentially a home budgeting and expense tracking application. You create a budget for the month by allocating (slicing) your income to categories, and then track your expenses in each category to ensure that you spend within your

SyMenu  v.1.14

SyMenu is a portable menu launcher that allows to organize and find your portable applications in a quick and easy way. Moreover SyMenu can automatically link any application residing on host pc. Any linked item (SyItem) can be organized in a

VeriTime  v.2.0

VeriTime is a task/activity time tracking application. It enables you to keep track of time spent and to record a description of the action performed. It has a todo list for those urgent items that need attention. Multiple clients may be specified as

EVESkillCheck  v.0.4.2

This application checks the remaining training time of EVE Skills. It comes as a GNOME applet and as a command-line tool. EVE is a subscription-based MMORPG set in the far future with space combat, travel, research and

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